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Fire Safety & Security Expo


                           Fire Safety

9.30am – Collaboration, Regulation, Technology and Best Practice – The Future Outlook of Fire Safety in the UK

10.30am – Reflections on Grenfell: 7 Years On

11.30am – Recruiting, Retaining and Inspiring the Gen-Z Generation for a Rewarding Career in Fire Safety

12.30pm – Fire Safety Strategies for Tall Buildings

1.30pm – Panel Discussion of Local Authorities

2.30pm – Designing for Fire Safety: Principles and Innovations

3.30pm – Collaborative Approaches to Fire Safety in Social Housing

4.30pm – Opportunities in Sustainable Buildings & Fire Safety

                            Building Security

09.30am – Latest Innovations in Building Security

10.30am – Creating Safer Spaces: Integrating Smart Alarm Systems in Modern Buildings

11.30am – From Blueprint to Security: Designing Buildings With Safety in Mind

12.30pm – The Role of Technology in Building Security

1.30pm – Emergency Response Planning for Building Safety

2.30pm – Cybersecurity in Smart Buildings

3.30pm – Collaborative Security Solutions for Developers and Building Managers

4.30pm – People First: Training Occupants and Staff

DAY TWO - NOVEMBER 21st, 2024

                           Fire Safety

9.30am – Uncovering the Latest Technologies in Fire Safety

10.30am – Construction Practices for Fire-Resistant Buildings

11.30am – Fire Reform and Improving Fire Safety in the UK

12.30pm – Assessing the Implementation of the Fire Safety (England) Regulations 2022.

1.30pm – Principles of Passive Fire Protection

2.30pm – Collaborative Approaches to Risk Mitigation in the Built Environment

3.30pm – The Future Outlook for Digital Technologies in Fire Safety

4.30pm – Case Studies in Building Fire Safety

                            Building Security

09.30am – Biometric Access Control for Enhanced Building Security

10.30am – Evolving Threat Landscape: Adapting Building Security Measures

11.30am – Risk Assessment and Mitigation in Building Security Planning

12.30pm – Resilience in Construction: Designing Buildings to Withstand Security Challenges

1.30pm – Intelligent Building Systems – Enhancing Security Through Automation

2.30pm – Strategies for Retrofitting Building Security in Older Buildings

3.30pm – Future-Proofing Building Security – Anticipating Tomorrow’s Threats

4.30pm – Iot in Building Security